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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      Hi. I received the below in an email. 25% thru I was nauseous and by the time I was done I was in a full blown anxiety attack. May I please ask my fellow local liberals to comment so that I can sleep tonight? Thanks. Art
      Trump Has Already Won the 2020 Election
      Roger L. Simon
      Roger L. Simon
      July 19, 2020 Updated: July 21, 2020 Print

      Given the polls, you’d think anyone positing that Donald Trump has already won the 2020 election was some kind of blithering idiot—and maybe I am. (I’ve been called worse.)

      But I can’t help but think that in current conditions, the polls are not only not worth the paper they’re printed on, digital or otherwise, they’re about as accurate as a thermometer run over by a six-wheeler.

      No one sensible is talking about their political allegiance these days in public—especially to an anonymous pollster.

      Instead, they’re buying guns, in record numbers.

      Why wouldn’t they? Calling 911 has become about as useful as calling tech support for a transistor radio run over by the same six-wheeler.

      The destroyed statues are the least of it. They’re inanimate. The actual people of Seattle, Portland, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia and on and on are living a nightmare. Violence stalks the streets of all our major cities, whose murder rates are going up stratospherically. (As I type this, the news is reporting 9 more shot in D.C.)

      Have there ever been remotely as many stores and businesses smashed, many still not operating, from the Atlantic to the Pacific?

      America isn’t in the midst of a civil war. It’s in the midst of a national meltdown with the banana-brained neo-Marxists of Black Lives Matter and Antifa, stoned like sophomores (if that) on Michel Foucault or some other self-important “critical theorist,” leading the way to oblivion and mutual hatred (actually a return to tribalism).

      Don’t these people know that Marxism became the greatest mass murder machine in the history of the world? Maybe they don’t care. Or they think they’ll get it right this time—but look around you.

      While this is happening, the self-described “liberal” leadership (what I define elsewhere as “moral narcissists”) of these cities and states does nothing, quivering in their shoes until it gets too close to home, as in Seattle when they came to the mayor’s house—forget the little people—or Portland where the infantile mayor works himself into a dither when Trump decides to do something after the city’s been under siege for going on two months. (The Siege of Vienna was only 18 days—and that changed history.)

      No wonder police are said to be retiring everywhere.

      Whether pent-up energy from COVID or just plain societal madness, everything seems to be spinning out of control.

      People talk about the sixties, but I have never seen anything remotely like this, and I was born at the tail end of WWII.

      And we’re supposed to be honest with pollsters—or even answer their calls?

      As Samuel Goldwyn famously said, “Include me out.”

      And I am sure I am not alone.

      Which brings me to why I believe Trump has probably already won the election. (Okay, the weasel word “probably” is in there—we’re still some months out.)

      It should be obvious. Too many Americans are what Kurt Schlicter aptly calls “normals.” These people aren’t just white. They are brown and black and yellow and everything in between.

      Some of them are friends and relatives and co-workers who aren’t saying a word about anything, who rarely ever do, who don’t want to get their cars keyed or have something a whole lot worse happen to them. But they’re there.

      Some of them even cringe at some of Trump’s presumed excesses, but they cringe more at the thought that police won’t be there in an emergency for their families. And they’ve seen that happen all around.

      They also despise the cancel culture because they are basically good human beings.

      They don’t see a difference between “defund the police” or “redirect the funds” because political spin is as familiar to them as apple pie.

      They may not have heard of Howard Zinn, but they don’t want to hear their country being bad-mouthed to their children in school. And they want their children to go to school.

      These people, when they walk into the voting booth, are not going to be worrying about whether Christopher Columbus was or was not a racist or whether someone waved a Confederate flag at a NASCAR race.

      They are going to be worry about whether they can walk their dog at night without fear of being shot.

      And then there’s China.

      And then there’s Durham.

      Roger L. Simon is an award-winning author, Oscar-nominated screenwriter and co-founder of PJ Media. He is available on Twitter and Parler @rogerlsimon.

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      AvatarLee Anderson

      Unsubstantiated allegations and opinions not based on facts. I think he’s an alarmist.

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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      THANKS LEE!!!

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      AvatarHoward Coonley

      The polls will probably go back and forth…winding up at even on Election Day. That said, Dems need to stay focused, especially in DC (not so good at doing this). It’s all about who goes and votes, as always!
      Howard Coonley

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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      thanks howard!!

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      Bob PoveromoBob Poveromo

      Guys, we have 6 weeks (or less because folks are voting NOW) to work our asses off! Ask yourselves, do I know anyone who might not vote? Who can I talk with from the middle of the road/moderate mindset about who they are voting for? Can I do virtual texting (very, very easy) from the comfort of my home? Can I do virtual phone banking from my home? Can I join the “adapt a voter” initiative where each of us get a list of 50 voters to contact personally and ensure that they have a plan to vote and follow through all the way until they vote? Can I write one more check? What can I do right now, today, to help get out the vote? We can all do something! And, I think, it’s better than not doing anything. Let’s get to work …

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      AvatarPeter Kandis

      I’m writing 200 postcards to swingstate voters. All 200 are for SC! And the good news is that these cards will be received after a prior set that landed a couple of weeks before the election. Can’t sit this one out

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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      Excellent Bob, thank you!! As i did with Obama twice, i have been with ‘rabbisfor biden.com’ since the primaries. Phone calls now mostly. With obama i was directed to forget about SC and they sent me to Northern Florida and NC Synagogues and JCCs to speak. Now, because of covid, it’s just phone calls, BUT SC is included especially because Harrison has an good chance of beating Graham. Our own Richard Hammes has been great locally to get folks to post card, call, etc. But just as in years past, our county Dem club seems anemic. If i was not a dem,but an independent, I would not know a thing about Biden. I’ve gotten no calls, no emails, nothing to tell me to vote for Biden or why, and the same for Cunningham and Harrison. I do however, see TV ads for both, and have received post cards for both, but many MORE postcards for their opponents. The election is circa 6 weeks away, and I don’t feel in the air the excitement, that was palpable when Obama ran. Maybe its because we are MUSC ordered quarantined, but I do go out daily, in gloves and mask, to get the mail and the paper. I don’t see bumper stickers with “Biden” on them or even hear election talk. Maybe it’s covid fatigue? My Dem friends went to a pro-Graham rally in Okatie a few days ago with polite, but anti Graham signs, and we scared for their lives, and needed police to escort them to their cars. Videos were posted on UTube. The Repugs are unabashed. I’ve also received from repugs, emails, not mentioning to vote for 45 but telling me to buy guns, because if Biden wins, the folks in ward one will break thru the gates of our ‘plantations’, and rob and rape and kill us. Thus is worse than Nixonian “Law and Order’ scare tactics. Unlike the 2 Obama campaigns, I feel alone and impotent. The only local flesh connection with some who thinks like Ellen and is with my Black neighbors. He a retired ambassador and a Prof of International Relations teaching virtually at the Citadel. They, like we Jews, are scared to death of 4 more years of 45. Blessings, Art

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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      Bless you, Peter. Thank You!

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      Richard MoniuszkoRichard Moniuszko

      My understanding is that Roger Simon is a right wing alarmist. To me, he sounds like the 2020 version of Nixon and Agnew’s “silent majority,” hoping that the polls are wrong and the Trump supporters will turn out en masse.
      2020 is very different than the Obama 2012 election. We are so polarized that people are not willing to put themselves out there with flags, signs and bumper stickers (other than the flag waving Trump die hards). And lets’ face it, Biden doesn’t have the charisma and ability to inspire that Obama had.

      As others in this thread have said, it’s important to stay calm, not overreact to the right wing wackos or the mainstream media that gets overly dramatic on both sides in the name of ratings and advertising dollars, and do what we can to make sure sanity prevails and we get the current occupant of the White House out of there in January.

      As the great philosopher Cam Newton said at a press conference:

      “Do not let what is out of your control interfere with all the things you can control. Control what you can control. Don’t lose sleep worrying about things that you don’t have control over because, at the end of the day, you still won’t have any control over them.”

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      Richard MoniuszkoRichard Moniuszko

      Yogi Berra would be proud of Cam.

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