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Members can post links and commentary in any of the categories below.  When you post, please be thoughtful about its appropriateness to the LML Mission (below), as well as its clarity and brevity.  Need help posting?  Contact me at and I’ll post it for you.  Thanks!  Allen Tucker

The VISION of the Liberal Men of the Lowcountry (LML) is for all people to live in a safe, healthy, open-minded, thoughtful, caring and free environment where discrimination, sexism and racism are only historical words and where there is equal opportunity in all aspects of life for everyone.

The MISSION of LML is to provide a forum for liberal men to engage in discussion, expand our knowledge on issues of interest and to take action when the group or subsets of the group believe we can have a positive impact on Lowcountry communities and beyond.

What it means to be a liberal is widely misunderstood by the public and often misrepresented by poorly-informed pundits.  The VISION of LML reflects our view of liberalism and is consistent with the quotes running across the top of this page.