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      Richard MoniuszkoRichard Moniuszko
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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      HI. We are presently in a cold civil war, with some occasional hot civil war flare ups. We may not notice it on HHI. It will get worse pre election. If trump wins, god forbid, his alt right base, will physically attack, anyone they perceive as being anti american (ie libs, dems, BLMs,) and we will see more Black churches, synagogues, mosques burnings and shootings. If trump looses (hallel Yah, thanks to God) it will be worse, esp with trump in his last 2.5 months as president eggs them on.

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      AvatarKent Collins

      It’s a scary, but realistic scenario. Constructive, civil communication over the divide is bound to become yet more difficult between now and election day.

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