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      AvatarStephen Reisman

      Until now, I’ve resisted the urge to post in the wake of the Biden-Harris victory. And even now, I don’t believe the victory is worth dwelling on. There is just too much that must be done. And it must be done expeditiously, efficiently and urgently. What I do think is worth sharing is my belief that the incoming administration will be horrified by what they will find when they assume the helm of the good ship Liberty.

      They will find half the positions unfilled, departments gutted by those who glorify stupidity. Of those that are filled, most will have been run by unqualified ideologues and sycophants who have done absolutely nothing constructive for the people of this country. The halls of the executive branch are filled with business lobbyists and ultra far-right power-hungry, greedy, worms who have been appointed for no reason other than obedience and loyalty to a charismatic man with a fifth grade mentality.

      The Presidency of Donald Trump was not an attempt to govern. His agenda, from what has been seen, was a continuous campaign filled with transactional events and moments. Any identifiable policies were driven by fascists like Steven Miller. We had an energy secretary who didn’t even know he was in charge of the nukes, an education secretary who had no idea how to educate, an environmental chief whose sole goal was to dismantle environmental conservation and worsen the changing climate.

      Trump turned the Voice of America into a personal propaganda tool, much like Goebbels did for Hitler in Germany.

      Trump’s administration withdrew from virtually every global agreement that had been forged over the past 25 years. He threatened our allies wherever they didn’t knuckle under to his bullying schoolyard behavior. The last time I looked, North Korea still had nukes and a growing ability to deliver them. Trump’s alliances were with dictators and autocrats, murderers and thieves. From Saudi Arabia’s leader who authorized the murder of an American journalist to Putin’s gangster tactics putting bounties on the heads of our American soldiers, to chumming up to the Philippine dictator who embraces hit squads… There is no end to the problems the Biden-Harris will encounter on January 20th and sooner.

      Above it all is the raging pandemic.

      When the history books are written, I believe will discover that the reason for the withheld transition cooperation is that there is literally nothing to transition. The intelligence community will serve the constitution they protect. But the leadership must be excised from all places possible.

      I am hopeful for the future but concerned that Trump has never governed for even a minute since he was elected in 2016. The only behavior I’ve seen is continuous campaigning and financial thievery at the expense of ALL the American people. The conman held rallies in the face of a killer pandemic.

      He will face a lifetime of litigation beginning January 20th. In the end, he may wish he could have been prosecuted federally because there are 50 states and they all have grounds to bring charges.

      Good luck to the Biden-Harris administration. We need a steady hand and the wisdom that only comes with experience. With Joe Biden, we’ve got both of those. Hopefully he can restore sanity out of the shambles that the fifth grader has left us.

      God bless America and I hope every Georgian realizes the stakes when they vote on January 5th.

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      AvatarJon Bayer

      Great article. As an old man, (81), I took for granted our democracy that so many spilled their blood for on foreign soil. Little by little, the far R chipped away at our rules of governing. The NRA especially spit in the face of gun laws designed to protect, and then instilled new laws that allow open carry of military weapons. The country looks to now be split 50/50 and $$$$$$$ rules. The article points to the laziness of those who watch the country be torn apart, but do not get out of their chairs and go into the streets by the millions. Hopefully, it is not to late, but we shall soon see. The R is marching this week. Will those in the center and L demonstrate to save lives from the pandemic, environment, fair taxes, health care and truth. WE SHALL SEE!

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