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      Richard MoniuszkoRichard Moniuszko

      Thanks to Jeff Ernico for sending me his letter to Lindsay Graham regarding removing Trump from office. I added a few of my own thoughts, and sent it to our Congresswoman and Senators.


      Here’s my letter in the event that LML members want a starting place to do the same.

      Dear Senator:
      I am disheartened and appalled that our Legislative Branch was breached and assaulted at the direct urging of not just any American citizen, but the President of the United States. I call on you to restore dignity and order to the Executive Branch by doing everything in your power as a member of Congress to IMMEDIATELY remove Donald Trump from office.
      Following yesterday’s incitement to riot, the culmination of his organized effort to discredit our democratic processes, it is clear beyond a doubt that he is unfit for office. Whether he is mentally unstable or willful in his actions is irrelevant. He poses a danger to the Republican Party, the Executive Office and our democracy. Donald Trump is clearly not making decisions in the best interests of the people who elected him four years ago. He appears intent upon destroying as many of our institutions as possible before he leaves office.
      You and your colleagues need to look at what options are immediately available, whether it’s the 25th amendment of other methods, but something must be done NOW.
      You are in a position of leadership when it is critically needed, and your constituents will be watching and holding you accountable for your actions (or inaction).

      Richard A. Moniuszko

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