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      Richard MoniuszkoRichard Moniuszko

      Trump’s politics of division, his constant lying, the misogyny, xenophobia and racism, the chaos, his immorality and corruption, his sheer ineptitude have left us scarred and exhausted. Enough! Joe Biden possesses the character and vision to heal our wounds and bring us together. That will be good for this country, for the Jewish community and for Israel.

      From the blog of Martin Raffel at The Times of Israel

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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      The “Thing” that evangelical repugs do not get, is that American Jews, many with an infinity to Israel, are AMERICANS. When 45 wishes American Jews a ‘happy new year’ the other day, and adds ”we love YOUR country”, he got blasted by Jews on both sides of the aisle. He doesn’t understand why, as he said, only 25% of Jews voted for him, when he has done so much for Israel, and without 45, Israel would be having major problems. Jews, who may not be observant, but are well read, know that Judaism is the first ETHICAL monotheism. We have 36 verses in the Jewish Bible (TaNaK) about treating immigrants as exactly as we treat our citizens. I can’t list every ethical principle of Judaism, but 45 has broken almost all of them. This means more to Americans who are Jewish, than where the USA embassy is in Israel. 45 doesn’t get it. I don’t know if Jared, Ivanka, Miller or Mnuchin have tried to teach this to 45, mostly likely not, as these are the type of ultra zionist American Jews, who support Israeli domination over Palestinian human rights, while the vast majority of American Jews, are appalled by such.

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