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      Richard MoniuszkoRichard Moniuszko

      Marketplace tested over 20 different masks. Here’s what will best protect you and others during the pandemic | CBC News

      This is a good analysis and overview.

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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      thanks richard:

      prior to covid, when was first struck with hypersensitivity pneumonitis, brought on by aspergillus mold in a clay class she was taken, musc sent her to ace hardware near the northridge movie theatre, to be fitted for a n100, with valve mask.

      when covid hit and musc put us in strict quarantine in the first week of march, they told us to put the n100 mask in a drawer and buy n95 or if sold out,kn95s.

      we could find 2 n95 masks to buy, at a premium price, and then with in a month, k95s. the ‘k’ means chinese made, and many, even the ones sold at burkes pharm, were conterfits.

      eventually the CDC told ‘us’ how to recognize counterfeit from real KN95, and we were able to buy a box of 20 for 50$.

      thanks for an important article, because these self made bandana masks, do nothing.


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