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      Bob PoveromoBob Poveromo

      For the past several years, part of LML’s mission has been to provide annual donations to two not-for-profit social service organizations. It has been our policy to try to “give where you live”, meaning that we try to select organizations or programs that provide their support right here in the lowcountry. This year the coronavirus pandemic has really hit our area hard. Data indicate that many folks on HHI are seeking financial or food assistance for the very first time. Programs are reporting that requests for assistance are up by over 30%. Over 1,800 families on HHI have been provided more than a week’s worth of groceries and over 400 families have received emergency rent assistance. Estimates show that 60% of low income workers in the lowcountry have lost their jobs and half of them might be permanent. Depending on what is in the next CARES package, more people will be in dire need. The need is real! This year the Donations Committee is not recommending a charity to receive our donation. We are asking two things. First, we are asking that LML members identify charities that they know need the support and that they themselves support by volunteering or donating. Second, we are asking all LML members to “Give5”. Go to our website and click on the donations tab and give $5. If we do this, we can double our annual donation to the charities selected. Please send your recommendations to Bob Poveromo at by 12/31. We will vote on final recipients in Jan. Thanks for your help and for doing this today. Bob Poveromo

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      AvatarDave Hales

      Just did. Thanks for your efforts.

      Dave Hales

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      David WilliamsDavid Williams

      Given the unprecedented dire straits many of our fellow citizens find themselves in this year — through no fault of their own — I would hope members who are able will find it in their hearts to at least add a zero to the requested $5 donation. $50 is not a lot to ask under the circumstances. That’s giving up just one average “eating out” meal for two.

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