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      Bob PoveromoBob Poveromo

      Last chance to pull out that credit card one more time — even if it’s only $10!! Donate to your favorite candidate.

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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      thanks Bob: we’ve been been donating to biden, jamie, and joe c, all along. and have asked others to do so as well. it’s the home stretch. we need to saturate the media with ads. after reading what trump jr said about the rising deaths from covid being ‘nothing’, and then reading steven miller’s 4 point plan for immigration (all that was missing was the plan for crematoria) and this is BEFORE the election, shows to me at least, how confident they are that their trumpist-sickness has infected enough people in the usa to vote for their feurer. can you imagine imagine mccain in 2008 or romney in 2012 saying these things? they would have been chastised heavily in a bipartisan manner. We say, my gosh, only 8 years ago we elected pres obama to a second term with 332 electoral votes and circa 96 million voters’ votes. 8 years ago we say. But look what happened to Germany from 1933 to 1939!! Six years from a democracy, to being fascist state, killing their own citizens, and starting WW2, with the populace cheering them on. Bob is so right. Send the money you’re saving by not eating in restaurants to our candidates and VOTE like you and your fellow humans’ lives depended on it. IT DOES! Thanks Bob et.al. Blessings, Arthur

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