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      AvatarDon Steele

      I couldn’t agree more with the article. One of the worst decisions made was not to do door to door canvassing. Although done out of respect for Covid it gave republicans a huge advantage, particularly in close races.

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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      hi. Ellen and i were to do door to door canvassing. As one of the founders of rabbis4biden, i was scheduled to do speeches in synagogues in southern nc and northern fl. As with rabbis4obama, sc was considered a waste of time, which hurt jamie h and joe c. We were limited to phone calls.

      our canvassing and talks were cancelled due to covid. synagogues are closed.
      however, since repugs think that likelihood of catching covid in a 3 minute door way conversation, is nil, they canvassed.[ actually, according to the cdc, a masked person talking to an unmasked person, outside, for less than 15 minutes, really does make transmission nil.]

      many churches stayed open, some with outside services, some with inside with some rows and chairs blocked off. repugs spoke there.

      we still have a majority in the house, and if GA dems mask up and ring doorbells, we have a good chance of gaining two more seats in the senate. if canvassers wear masks, gloves and even goggles, limit their doorway talks to 3 to 5 minutes, wash their gloved hands with a 70% alcohol disinfectant, after every home visited, they would be covid-safe.

      we also have 2022 to prepare for NOW.there will be no covid then. we need an ‘army’ of canvassers on the streets in every state where a senate seat is in play, and in districts where house seats are in play.

      we have 48 senate votes which includes 2 independent who tend to vote dem.[king and sander] the repugs have 50. however this shot list of repug senators have voted with dems, on rare occasions, and may do so now more often with the fear of trump gone:
      #52 0.62 Sen. Richard Burr [R-NC]
      #54 0.56 Sen. Susan Collins [R-ME]
      #55 0.56 Sen. Richard Shelby [R-AL]
      #56 0.50 Sen. Lisa Murkowski [R-AK]
      #39 0.72 Sen. Mitt Romney [R-UT]
      and we have veep kamala as a tiebreaker.

      for now, let us concentrate on GA, and then on to 2022! blessings, arthur
      ps: watching trump with his coterie of liars, thieves ,lawyers, and grifters, still trying to over turn GA’s 16 EC votes and PA’s 20 EC votes and some other states, still makes me uneasy, as to whom our president will be on Jan 20th at 12:01 PM. If the decision goes into a joint session of congress, the way those who vote are picked, put the repugs in charge. I find trump’s assertion that he will leave the WH IF the elect college and joint session of congress vote for biden, as telling. trump still believes he can win the presidency in the courts, with ‘disloyal’ electors, and in a joint session of congress. He isn’t packing just yet, and i wonder how many valuable american relics will be in his suitcases.

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