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      AvatarDon Steele
      Statistics as of Thursday. Canada has always had national guidelines that have been changed at various points during the pandemic depending on the number of cases. The provinces have shown a willingness to follow, as has the vast majority of the population. There were spikes after a relaxed summer and Canadian Thanksgiving (mid-october), to the point where all the large cities are now in some form of lockdown, although not as severe as what was initially done in March. Two other things come into play. A healthcare system that takes care of everyone and financial support for those who are forced to stay home.

      There countries have done better, mainly Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Norway, Finland, and Denmark (there are probably others), but still some progress is being made in Canada.The US continues to lead on how not to do things. It’s the real and lasting legacy of the incompetent Trump administration. We must never forget that it was only 9 months ago that the virus was being presented by Trump and his Republican sycophants as a democratic hoax to undermine Trump’s re-election bid. And as we know from Bob Woodward’s interviews, Trump was fully aware of the danger and did nothing.


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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      God willing, Pres Biden and his covid task force, will be real docs, and Biden will let them produce a national program and will stay out of their way, and let them work to do scientifically based prevention, treatment, and a fair and quick dissemination of the vaccine. Happy Thanksgiving!

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      AvatarJohn MacLaurin

      Actually Don was made aware in No ember 2019 by multiple intelligence services, and chose to disregard for 3 months before Woodward documents his admission. He should be tried for accomplice to murder for this crap

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