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      Arthur SegalArthur Segal

      Friends: The trumpanzees have breached the capitol, and SENATE floor is taken over. All egged on by trump this morning. This is a coup.

      How can a tom cruz, or any other senators or congressmen, continue trying to get trump re-elected??

      The joint congress should meet asap via video and finish their work, and gavel down these idiotic protests of biden-states, supposedly ”being not a true ballot.”

      i have been warning folks on this list, and groups, and others, in fb groups to which i belong, that jan 6 is NOT some proforma event.

      if the senate and house, in 5 days, do not meet, and declare biden the winner, or trump god forbid, the election is decided in the house.

      please don’t say as some of have been saying that the dems control the house. we do not. it is one congressman from each state, who votes, in this special situation.

      there are more red states than blue states. so mark my word, if this combined house and senate, doesn’t declare biden the winner by jan 10, it goes to the house, and trump can win.

      meanwhile, trump has attempted a coup, is a traitor, and he needs to be fully impeached, so that he cannot run again as president. it can be done without hearings. He could be impeached by the house in one day, and sent over to the senate, which as soon as the two Dem Ga senators are sworn in will be Dem controlled.

      the congress building has national security sensitive documents, and homeland security needs to come in with tear gas and rubber bullets. if black-lives-matter peaceful folks could have homeland cops do this to them, then they can do the same to a group of terrorist coupers.

      how much more will america take of the fascist trumpanzees??

      Rabbi Hanina, said: ”Pray for the welfare of the government, for were it not for the fear it inspires, every man would swallow his neighbor alive.” Mishna Ethic of the Father (3.3).

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