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Current Events Discussion @ Mangiamo's

Registration is closed

May Current Events Questions:

These are the questions for our next current events meeting at Mangiamo’s May 16, at noon for lunch.  Although you pay for lunch at the restaurant, please register on our website or let Richard Hammes know you are coming so he can give the restaurant an accurate headcount.

  1. Homelessness is exploding across the country.  Why do you think we have an ever-increasing population of homeless?  What ideas do you have to make an impact?
  2. In what ways is gender inequality an issue of concern?  What are the key issues?  What ideas do you have to impact these issues?
  3. How do we balance the need for general security for all citizens with individual rights?  What are the key issues in this regard?  What are your ideas to strike a balance between the need to keep the country and people safe and secure with the rights of individuals to be free from restrictions?
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