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Not Getting LML eMails?

Where are the emails going?

LML is sending them out, but chances are they are going to your 'Spam' or 'Junk' mailbox.

Why are they going there?

One of your providers is trying to protect you from unwanted emails. There are several ways they identify them. One way recognizes identical emails going out to a large number of recipients - like our LML emails! Once identified the email is directed, not to your InBox, but to Spam or Junk.

What do I do about it?

Depends. There are several ways that emails are handled, and this affects how you deal with the Spam problem.

If you use Mail on a Mac: In the Mac world the desktop program and the provider are so closely linked that you only have to worry about your desktop program. Anything you do there will automatically be reflected on Apple's email server (the provider).

If you use your browser to go to your email provider: You only have to worry about your email provider. This will be the case for many gmail users.

If you use a desktop program like Outlook: You have to worry about both your email provider and your desktop program because either (or both) could be on the lookout for spam. Mac users who use Mail to access non-Apple email (like gmail) are in this category.

How do I get started?

The first step is to get into your account. For a desktop program that's simply a matter of opening the program. For an internet provider you'll have to use to use your browser to go to the web site of your email provider - for example, if your email address has 'gmail' in it, go to 'www.gmail.com'. You will have to log in to your account - not as simple as it sounds because you'll have to have your username and password at the ready and you may not have them used them for some time.

OK, I got into my account. What now?

Sorry, no more specific advice because each internet email provider and each desktop program does things differently but here are the principles:

  1. Go to 'Settings' or 'Preferences'.
  2. Find an LML email and open it.
  3. Label the email as 'Not Spam', probably by clicking a button on the same screen that's showing the email.
  4. That solves the problem for that email, but not for future LML emails. One easy way to prevent future emails from ending up in Spam is to add the email address of the sender to your address book - your email provider's address book if you are on their web site, or the one on your computer if you're in a desktop program.
  5. If that doesn't work you may have to do something special, like writing a rule or setting a filter. Not difficult but the method differs among providers. Best thing is to make an inquiry on Google - something like "unmark spam on yahoo". You'll find dozens of step-by-step solutions.

Don't forget!

If you use a desktop program, like Outlook on the PC, you will have to follow the above steps for both your desktop program and your internet email provider.

And finally...

If you're worried that some information has gone missing this LML web site is always a great resource. Look on the 'Events Calendar' to find a specific event, or the 'News' menu for our newsletters.

Good Luck!


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