1. Dues are $15 per calendar year and due in January of each year. New member dues paid after October 31 are credited to the following year. The funds are used to pay for speakers’ lunches, supplies, the web site (point 5 below), honoraria (point 9 below) and donations (point 8 below).
  2. General meetings are monthly (except for July and August), typically on the second Wednesday at noon for lunch. Meeting notices are emailed to all members eight to ten days prior to the meeting. To attend, everyone is required to register for the meeting one week in advance. Guests are welcome. Each meeting typically has a speaker of interest to the members (political, social, helping organizations, education, immigration, etc.).
  3. For the General Monthly meeting, lunch costs are about $20 for both dues paid members and guests and must be prepaid by noon on the Monday of the meeting week. Costs for other luncheon meetings vary.
  4. Dues paid members receive our monthly INTERCONNECTIONS newsletter.
  5. Dues paid members have secure access to our website, liberalmenhhi.org, which provides a lot of additional information and event notifications for members to enjoy.
  6. Dues paid members participate in any of the Social Activities groups; Book Club, Poker Night, Current Events Luncheon, Golf, Movie Night, Pub Night, Investment Club and other special events (sports events, annual cocktail party, theater, etc.). Each of these has an organizer coordinating its events, which are noted in the monthly newsletter and the secure side of the website. A male guest may be invited one time to any event, but then must join before participating again.
  7. LML provides two donations per year, which will typically be $250 each to non-profit community service organizations (preferably local) or political candidates/organizations that are aligned with our mission and vision. The Donations Committee researches organizations, meets in January/February to discuss the options and provides the membership with a brief written overview of three to five finalists. These are emailed to all dues paid members for a vote and the two with the most votes are selected for a donation. One will be presented in March and the other in September.
  8. LML provides a $50 honorarium to each non-profit organization that makes a presentation at one of our monthly meetings.
  9. Although the organization has voted to not participate in political organizations as a group, all members are encouraged to be active and work to assist candidates that fit with our/your stated political philosophy.
  10. To protect members from abuse, email addresses are sent in blind copy mode when messages are sent to a group of members.