The Liberal Men of the Lowcountry (LML) formed as an off-shoot of the Liberal Ladies of the Lowcountry and was founded on January 31, 2014 by three individuals (Richard Hammes, Alan Nelson and Charlie Walczak) meeting and “whispering” over breakfast at Stacks Pancakes. Since that date there has been significant growth in membership, an expanse of activities added for members to enjoy, administrative procedures developed, identity recognition in the community and informational outlets developed on the internet. The organization is flourishing and stable in its functions and value to members. The coming years should continue the growth of the organization and expand its potential. Here is a short list of some of the things that have developed over this five-year period:

  1. LML has maintained between 125 and 150 dues paid members, many more that have expressed interest but have not formally joined and others that have come and gone.
  2. The LML monthly general membership luncheon meetings host a wide range of individuals and organizations making presentations on their expertise and their impact in the Lowcountry.
  3. The LML monthly member expert luncheon meeting features a member providing an overview of his professional career.
  4. Documents developed indicating the organization’s administrative policies, an overview of the history and statements of the LML philosophy and core values. A membership application form for new members is available on this page.
  5. Business cards are available for all LML members to give to others interested in the organization. We also have promotional name/logo baseball caps to provide additional name recognition in the community.
  6. A multitude of social activities that meet monthly or more often including; Movie Night, Pub Night, Poker Night, Current Events Luncheon, Book Club Night, Investment Club, Member Expert Luncheon Presentations, and Golf (play every other week).
  1. An annual combined meeting with the Liberal Ladies of the Lowcountry with a presentation from political candidates in most election years and well-known regional or national organization presenters in other years.
  2. An annual cocktail party to provide an opportunity to meet members’ spouses, significant others or their guests.
  3. The organization has a Donations Committee that receives suggestions, researches, reviews, discusses and determines the organizations we will make a donation to, granting two $250 (or more) donations annually.
  4. There is a monthly newsletter which provides information about all meetings and activities for the coming month, an extensive reading room list, an organization of the month, as well as a range of information that assists members to stay current with activities in the Lowcountry and issues of importance.
  5. This LML website allows the community at large to access information about the organization and join if they desire. The website also contains all meeting dates, information pertinent to the organization, information of interest locally, statewide and nationally. Most information pertinent to managing the organization is on the website including emailing to members for meetings. The site is linked to a Liberal Men of the Lowcountry Facebook page furthering the opportunity for others to access information about the organization.
  6. The organization has a strong presence in the community, linked to many other groups that make an impact for liberal causes in the Lowcountry.


For Calendar Year 2019, annual dues are $15. The collected funds are used to pay various minimal administrative expenses, make donations to service organizations and political candidates that fit our philosophy and pay for speaker’s lunches. Members receive INTERCONNECTIONS, a monthly informational newsletter and access to this website (

The group meets monthly, typically on the second Wednesday, from 12:00 to 2:00 for lunch. Guests are welcome to attend these meetings. For most meetings, there is a speaker on a topic of interest to the group (immigration, education, gun control, voting rights, candidates, etc.). We also have several social activity groups (for dues paid members only) that usually meet monthly including golf (bi-weekly), movies, card playing, pub night, book club, current events, action committee (varies), donations committee (varies) and others. The general meeting and the social activity groups provide a wonderful opportunity for liberals to meet and enjoy interacting with fellow liberals.